Extras show up to be in movie

Old Hollywood glamour meets the Magic city...

About 2000 people showed up at the Alabama Theater Tuesday to be extras in a Christian film. called 'Grace Unplugged.' {}It stars AJ Michalka from the group 'Aly and AJ' and James Denton, from Desperate Housewives. {}Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak is in the movie, too. {}The movie chronicles the life of father and daughter musicians.{} {}

The makers of the film tell us shooting in Alabama made their jobs easier and cheaper. {}With the state's new tax rebate incentives, they can film at a much lower cost than in California.

"Everyone has been so nice," Denton says. {}"We've been eating too much barbeque! It's been fun! It's a bummer we're leaving when football starts. It's about to get good around here!"The movie 'Grace Unplugged' {}is set for release in the Fall of next year.