Eyewitness signs affidavit in Matt Pitt case

There are new developments in the case involving troubled youth evangelist, Matt Pitt.{} The leader of 'The Basement' has been in jail for seven months now.{} Attorneys have filed a motion in Shelby County.{} An eyewitness has signed an affidavit in defense of Pitt.{} Brad Lunsford says he saw what happened in Jefferson County between Pitt and prosecution witness, Brandon Vessel.{} Lunsford's claim is that Pitt was not impersonating a law enforcement officer and Vessel was the aggressor.

In the affidavit, it said that Vessel was questioning Pitt about a four-wheeler and a BB gun that looked like a rifle.{} Vessel got tense in his line of questioning and even put his hand on a pistol at his side.{} According to Brian Ritchey, that's when Pitt pulled out a badge as a way of saying "I'm a good guy."{}

The motion has been filed in Shelby County since it was the Jefferson County incident that caused Pitt to have his probation revoked.{} Attorneys say they plan to submit the affidavit to the Jefferson County District Attorney within a few days.{} The defense hopes to get a new hearing within 30 days.{}