Facebook releases trends for 2012; Obama, Hunger Games, Duck Dynasty top lists

      Facebook listed the New York Giants as the most popular sport's story trend in the U.S. for 2012. (Facebook)

      Social media giant, Facebook, unveiled its lists of trends and stories for 2012, broken down in several different categories.

      For the United States, members can see top 10 trends for categories such as sports, books, movies, events, politics, television and others.

      The Hunger Games landed the top-spot in the Books and Movies categories. Just ahead of Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty got top-billing for the most popular Television trend, and Barack Obama ranked first in the Politics category.

      The New York Giants were by far the biggest story in the Sports category for 2012, finishing well-ahead of the New England Patriots.

      "Facebookers" checked in the most at Times Square in New York City, and TBH ("To Be Honest" Top Meme), that shouldn't come as any surprise. YOLO finished second on the Memes list.

      The new feature also gives Facebook members a year-in-review glance of their "20 biggest moments" on their personal timelines, highlighting significant events, statuses, photos and more since January 1, 2012.

      You can check it out for yourself at

      Top story/trend in 2012 for some of the categories:

      Click on the categories to see the complete list

      Sports:{} New York Giants

      Most Read Book:{} The Hunger Games

      Most Listened to Song:{} We Are Young by Fun

      Movie:{} The Hunger Games

      Television:{} Duck Dynasty

      Politics:{} Barack Obama

      Most Check-ins:{} Times Square, New York

      Technology:{} Instagram

      Memes:{} TBH (To Be Honest)


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