Facebook spreads word about unwanted solicitors

Last week, a Facebook posting on the Alabaster Citizens Community Board put people in Alabaster and Maylene on alert.

The word, three people were trying to talk their way into houses, allegedly looking for items to steal.

Alabaster police aren't going as far as to call it a scam.

At the Grande View Estates, a "no soliciting" sign didn't stop three people from trying to sell their products to homeowners.

"I think it was a 'hard pressure sale' they were going door to door, selling detergents was my understanding," Alabaster police chief Curtis Rigney says.Rigney says that was all they appeared to be doing. "We've had no reports of anything actually illegal happening, it was just that somebody got on Facebook and said, somebody tried to scam me today." Three women ABC 33/40 spoke with in the neighborhood described a young, attractive woman coming to their door, wanting to enter their house to give a sales pitch.One woman said, she had seen the warning post on Facebook ten minutes before the visitor came to her door.

She quickly locked the door and called police. Rigney says, "We looked into it, we did locate three individuals who were going door to door. Selling some detergent, one arrest was made, but it had nothing to do with what they were doing here. The person had an outstanding warrant."Rigney is hesitant to call this a scam, despite what was said on Facebook. "We've had no evidence of anything being stolen or anybody being scammed by this group of people," he says.However, he credits citizens for using social media to spread the word about suspicious activity.

"(Residents) are being conscientious about who is in their neighborhood, and what's taking place. And they are notifying law enforcement of things that are suspicious and that helps us," says Rigney.