Fact Check finds Congressional TV ad a lie

We're three weeks out from Alabama's runoff elections. Political ads are more numerous by the day. How many can you believe?Republican Gary Palmer and opponent Paul DeMarco's campaign disagree on many statements in two recent ads. But, both camps agree one of the claims in an ad made by a third party is an outright lie. "And he voted to increase state debt by 100 million dollars," an ad made by 'Club for Growth' attacks Paul DeMarco.Club for Growth references an Alabama bill that would allow voters to decide whether to use money from the Alabama Trust Fund for road projects."It's incorrect," said DeMarco's campaign manager Rick Journey. "This was legislation left up to the people of Alabama and it did not have debt tied into it. It did not have anything to do with debt.""I think on that part of it, that that is somewhat misleading. There was no debt increase," agreed Gary Palmer. "Do you believe the ad should be taken down?" questioned Lauren Walsh."I would have preferred that it not be run to begin with," answered Palmer. Palmer adds that his campaign will not run negative commercials. Club for Growth is supporting Gary Palmer in the July 15th Republican runoff for the Sixth Congressional District.DeMarco's campaign, however, can fire some pretty strong ammunition itself.An ad paid for by the DeMarco camp says: "Here's what Gary Palmer wrote about the billion dollar tax increase called Amendment One:{} To the surprise of many of my conservative friends and colleagues, I am of the opinion that the state needs more revenue. I would be willing to support a tax increase"The problem: It leaves out the second half of Palmer's sentence, which reads "but only on the condition that we first set in place some meaningful accountability measures.""That ad is absolutely false," said Palmer. "It's misleading. I was one of the leaders fighting that tax increase."The quote is taken from an article Palmer wrote in 2003 concerning a proposed tax hike."My article, if you read the rest of it, makes it very clear that I didn't support it. What we were proposing is that the state come into the 21st century in the way state government is run- to eliminate the insufficiencies, the duplications, and we felt like if we did that and they still needed money than that might be a different thing."Paul DeMarco did not make himself available for an interview today, but his campaign manager Rick Journey had this response."Leaving out the conditions on which he (Palmer) would raise taxes, is that misleading in your ad?" asked Walsh."No. I think, once again, I say. It's a question. We had a 30 second ad. We pointed out the key points of that and I think the question now is- Gary Palmer, when do you want to raise taxes?" responded Journey