Fairfield burglary suspects caught, possibly charged with attempted murder

Jacoby Quates

Gregory Croom and Jacoby Quates have been arrested by theFairfield Police Department and it is expected that the suspects will be chargedwith Attempted Murder and Burglary {}1stfor their alleged roles in a burglary of a residence and attempting to run overa Fairfield Police officer while trying to flee the scene.

Early Thursday morning, officers from the Fairfield PoliceDepartment responded to a burglary in progress at 1519 Cambridge Boulevard. {}Once on the scene officers encountered toblack male suspects attempting to flee the scene. {}One suspect on foot was tased after failing tocomply with commands from the officers. {}Thesecond suspect attempted to run over one of the officers with his vehicle. {}Police fired one round at the vehicle causingthe suspect to surrender. {}No injurieswere sustained by officers or suspects. {}

Suspects were able to force open a rear door of theresidence on Cambrdige Boulevard but were apprehended before any items could beremoved from that residence. The suspect's vehicle was impounded pending asearch warrant. Upon execution of the search warrant, items recovered from thevehicle indicated the possibility of over burglaries. Investigation continuesto identify other possible victims. Burglary 1 and Attempted Murder chargesare expected to be filed with the District Attorney's Office later today.

Fairfield Police have been successful in the arrest of five(5) burglary suspects in the past two weeks.