Fairfield leaders want changes to police department

Fairfield city councilor Willie Hardley cited disadvantages of Fairfield policing. "They aren't doing anything, they're not visionary. Folks don't feel safe, somebody's got to do something," says Hardley.

As Chairman of public safety, Hardley called a meeting Thursday to discuss new policing strategies and crime reduction measures. This comes after Hardley suggested eliminating the police department earlier this month. After his suggestion, people like Herman Carnes in the community stepped forward with ideas.

"Have two officers in each district to patrol and just show accountability," says Carnes.

Hardley also suggested installing cameras with a monitoring system to help police with the shortage of officers. Police Chief Leon Davis he says something needs to be done, but says he's been left in the dark on changes since day one.

"He still has not met with me or the mayor to access what the police department needs is," says Davis. Davis says Hardley hasn't asked for equipment or additional personnel. "Until that occurs the police department can't move forward. It's going to take cooperation of the council knowing our needs. As Chairman of public safety, he should be trying to find out what our needs are," says Davis.

Hardley says Mayor Kenneth Coachman told department heads city councilors can't talk with them. Hardley says, "I'm a visionary. The mayor's not a visionary, Leon isn't a visionary. You need to work within the framework with what you have."

Carnes believes his plan would work and he wants city leaders to stop bickering.