Fairfield teenager shot while watching BCS game Monday

A 13-year-old Fairfield teenager is recovering at Children's of Alabama after she was shot Monday night when her family gathered around the television to watch the BCS National Championship game.

LaTaja Lewis said around 7:30 pm, someone outside{}started shooting{}at her apartment on 67th Street.

"I started seeing the bullets and smoke and hearing glass breaking," recalled Lewis. "They were just shooting up my house."

Several children were inside. 13-year-old Brittany Lewis was shot in the chest and leg and{}later rushed to Children's of Alabama.

"They shot a 13-year-old girl, and my children are not trained for combat," said Lewis.

Fairfield police are investigating the shooting but have no suspects at this time.

Lewis was taken out of ICU Tuesday night{}but{}continues to recover{}at the hospital.