Faith and Football

I love football season. I love the game and I love the character it can build in a young athlete. I learn more every year about the game. I love the strategy. I love the sound of the crowd. I love the passion people exhibit for their teams.

This week I met a player from Samford University. He has more passion for the game than anyone I've ever met. He knows his job is to get to the quarterback and shut him down. Jeremy Towns stands 6'4" and weighs in at about 315 pounds.

His muscles are huge.... And he can lift weights, I could only look at....

But during the interview for Matters of Faith this week, I found this young man's heart and faith are even larger than his stature. He has an A average in the classroom... And an A attitude when it comes to serving others. He has helped with many missions, helped tornado survivors, teaches a Bible study and much more.

He was most impressive, because of his humble nature. He had to sit out last year due to an injury. When his friends were on the football field he was in an operating room. I understand what it feels like to be on the sidelines with an injury.

I didn't play football, but I did play soccer and found out what it's like to sit while your friends play the game you love. It feels like a kick in the gut. I found out two times with cancer what it feels like to have to sit out as a mother, a wife and a news person, while life seemed to pass by, I had to rest on the sidelines so to speak.

I know what it feels like to be able to get back to the things I love doing. I know there is a renewed passion when you get that second chance.

I believe Jeremy Towns, a man of faith will come out on the gridiron stronger and more aggressive than ever before. He will be a force to deal with. What also has strengthened him, is his faith. He had time to focus on faith last year while he recovered. That is where he draws his strength from.

{}If you get a chance, you may want to go to the Samford opener on September 3rs at 6pm.

You won't be disappointed as you watch number 91 come back to life on the football field.

God Bless!