Fall for Me adoption event

The Shelby County Humane Society, seeing an influx of animals right now especially cats. Saturday, it hosted a special event trying to adopt out as many animals possible to good homes. More than 30 animals have a new home. They did not meet their goal of 75, but employees and volunteers still say it was a huge day for them. They typically adopt out between 5 and 10 animals a day. More than 300 animals still need good homes.

"Gonna take her home, watch her grow up and play with the other ones." Saturday morning, 399 animals, awaited good homes. Dale Garner, helping lower, the cat population which is extremely high."They're are so many little kitties and dogs." The Shelby County Humane Society is at full capacity. It's taken in an abundance of litters this year. Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Helberg says, "We joke around here that we would be happy if our jobs went away which is strange in this economy, but because of what we do, we want our jobs to end because people are taking the responsibility they need to spay and neuter their pet."The Humane Society put on "Fall for Me" offering free adoptions for older animals. Puppies and kittens could be adopted for 22-dollars and all animals would be spayed or neutered.{} Helberg says{} "That is the most basic thing you can do that can help out shelters bring down their population."There was even a tv to draw in families on Saturday game day. Doors remained opened until 10 o'clock to adopt out as many animals possible. Stephanie Gottier was able to adopt a dog. "Happy we found one that fits in with us so well. I couldn't of found a better puppy to fit in with our family."Normally adoptions run between 60 and 80 dollars. The Humane Society is always in need of donations, especially cat litter and kitten food right now. They're next event is called Bark in the Park. It will be on October 6th at Veterans Park in Alabaster.