Families deal with damage after Monday's storms

For many Alabamians, power is still out, and there's lots still to clean up and for some students, there's no school tomorrow. In Walker County, all Cordova schools are closed tomorrow along with Lupton K-8. In Saint Clair County, Ashville Elementary, Middle and High Schools are closed and so is Steele Junior High. Many of those families are still left in the dark and facing a high cost for cleanup."A few neighbors up the street had trees in their houses," Robert Dempsey, a neighbor said. "I know one couple on the top of the hill - it went over their car and into their house."Tangled power lines, downed trees, damaged homes and cars..."Noticed the trees down in my backyard, went out and drove around and up the hill here there is tons of damage, but outside this little area, not much damage at all, "Kevin Hale, a homeowner said. "It's crazy it was localized to one spot like this."For these neighbors, Monday's storm was a reminder of what happened almost two years ago, the morning of April 27th, 2011."It's never pretty to see come through, but you deal with what you have to deal with," Dempsey said. "You recover from what you have to recover from."Kevin Hale, who lives near the top of the hill, found trees down in his backyard after the storm came through."The whole family was at home, we heard a loud noise, got everybody downstairs, came back up to check on everything and looked outside and saw the trees down," Hale said.And when Alabama Power crews arrived, neighbors were relieved."We knew they would get out here, we just didn't know when," Dempsey said. "We knew when they surveyed it would be a little while because we knew how bad it was."