Families in Pelham face Easter weekend cleanup from floods

While many families will celebrate Easter weekend, it's another cleanup weekend for people in Pelham. They're still waiting on checks from FEMA before they can begin repairs and in the meantime, are stuck in homes still severely damaged by the flood. "We lost just about everything on the first floor," Francis Bayard, who lives in Chandalar said.The waters damaged four feet of the Chandalar Court town homes."That's why you couldn't live here right now," Anita Lawson, who owns a Chandalar home said. "It's totally gutted. We have to take all that insulation out."Anita Lawson owns a unit that's been through flooding several times before."The units are totally gutted four feet down because they have to take out all the insulation, everything and start all over," Lawson said.The most visible sign - 11 days after the flood, the piles of molded furniture, insulation, and walls."It was a lot of garbage," Bayard said. "You wouldn't believe what was thrown out of here. Mountains of stuff."The Bayard's have FEMA flood insurance, but the check for repairs hasn't come yet - leaving them sitting in a home still stained by flood waters."We are broke," Bayard said. "We are flat broke. My husband used his whole paycheck for staying in hotels, buying supplies and paying someone to help rip out the floors and rip out the walls."Families say flood insurance is going up 25% meaning they'll pay around $2700 per year.{}"Most people can't afford that," Lawson said. "Your flood insurance only is $200 a month - that doesn't count your homeowners."But they told us on this Easter weekend, they'll be thankful for what they do have.{}"Going to church on Sunday and going to thank God that we got through this with our lives," Bayard said. "Now it's just a matter of playing the waiting game and waiting for money to get started buying supplies, put the walls back up, {}put the floors in."