Two families moving into new homes on Good Friday

Habitat for Humanity volunteers pose for a picture in front of a house they helped build. (

Construction is complete today on the new Habitat for Humanity homes in Birmingham. 50 students on spring break from Cherry Hill high school in New Jersey are volunteering as part of the "collegiate-challenge" program.

Throughout March, nearly 200 students from across the country came here on their spring break to help build or repair families' homes.

Two new homeowners will get the keys to their very first house on Good Friday. The recipients are Alecia Presswood and Courtney Gates. {}

Volunteers were putting the finishing touches on the new houses in Pleasant Grove and in Pratt City.

Student Loren Roth says, "I think she's going to love it, I really think she's going to love it. It's a really nice house." "It's definitely a good sacrifice, its something that pays off in the end," says student Tom Johnson.

The keys will be given to the families Friday morning at 9am. {}