Family of victims allegedly slain by Stanley Chatman talk with ABC 33/40

Jonathan and Jeremi Berry's cousin, Tiffanie Berry (left) and aunt, Alicia Berry Thomas (right). (

Two people are behind bars charged with gunning down two teenage twins - Jeremi and Jonathan Berry. They were killed at their home on Friday. {}21 year old Crystal Nelson and 26 year old Stanley Chatman are charged in the crime.

Chatman is now accused of four murders and one attempted murder. He's already been convicted of one of those. The families of the victims tell us they're relieved he's finally behind bars with no bond."God has lifted a burden off of our shoulders," Alicia Berry Thomas, the twin's Aunt said.The shooting happened last Friday night {}at the Berry's home on Attalla street in Wylam. The two teenage boys died - their mother survived but is paralyzed."She's aware and happy but she's still sad," Thomas said. "You can have a little peace but she's still sad."{}The District Attorney's office tells us, Stanley Chatman has a lengthy criminal record. He was convicted of manslaughter in 2006 and in March of this year, Chatman was charged with murdering 31 year old Derrick King.{}Tears still come to Derrick's mother's eyes...{}"I want to look in his face and let him know what he took away from me," Sandra King, Derrick's Mother said. "I have two other kids but that was my baby. Everybody knew it. For him to hit the ground and then he stands over him and shoots him two more times - what was that for? That was hate."Ida King told us, she's thankful her grandson's alleged shooter is behind bars."Oh praise the Lord," Ida King, Derrick's Grandmother said. "Praise the Lord. I'm thankful. They had police watching our house because they said he was going to come back and shoot this house up.""I was hoping and praying he didn't take the cowards way out {}and kill himself," King said.Here's a look at Chatman's criminal history:{} {} In 2006, he was convicted of first degree robbery and {}manslaughter in the death of 17 year old Derrick Jackson. He was given 15 years by the judge, but the Department of Corrections {}released him in 2012.{}{} {} {}In March of this year- Chatman was charged with the murder of 31-year-old Derrick King. He was released on bond - and according to the District Attorney - unless you are charged with capital murder, you are given a bond. {}Chatman made that bond and is now facing capital murder charges for shooting Johnathan and Jeremi Berry and one count of attempted murder for their mother. Crystal Nelson, 21, was also arrested on two felony murder warrants.{}The investigation is ongoing. {}If you have any information on these cases -contact Crimestoppers or Birmingham Police.{}