Family and friends devastated 3-year old killed in fire

3 year old Anna Hocutt

{}{}{} When the grandmother of three year old Anna Hocutt first arrived to looked at the burned out mobile home{}where Anna died, all she could do was shed tears.{} "I can't believe she's gone.{} It hasn't sunken in yet.{} I can't believe this happened," said Tina Armstrong.

{}{}{}{} Anna spent Christmas Eve, Tuesday at her grandmothers house and later that night "I brought her home around 8:30, tucked her in and told her Santa was coming."

{}{}{}{} That's the last time Armstrong says she saw the toddler alive.{} Around the same time Thursday night, tragedy struck when flames gutted the Hocutt's mobile home on Dubberly lane with the toddler trapped inside.

{}{}{}{} A family friend, Rodney Seal says he was helping Anna's father install a natural gas heater when flames engulfed the trailer.{} Somehow Anna's mother, Veroinica and father John managed to escaped.{} But, neighbor Art Rangel says they were not able to get Anna out.{} "I went to the back door by the window and when I tried to open it it was hot.{} When I finally got it open flames just shot out."

{}{}{}{} The Alabama State Fire Marshall's office is investigating how the blaze started and whether a mishap with a natural gas heater contributed.

{}{}{}{} Neighbor Rangel says he had just played with Anna on the family's nearby trampoline Christmas Eve.{} "This doesn't make any sense he said," questioning why no one was able to get the little girl out in time.

{}{}{}{} It's the second fire tragedy for the family.{} Their 9-year old daughter, Ashley died in a house fire while staying overnight with a friend four years ago.

{}{}{}{} We're told John Hocutt suffered serious burns to his head and arm but the extent of his treatment is unknown.{} Anna's mother, Veronica was not injured.