Family and Friends Support Montevallo Child Battling Cancer

?{}Montevallo, Ala._ John Oliver Tetloff has been in and out of the hospital for months, battling a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma. He's in second grade at Montevallo Elementary, but instead of spending his summer enjoying fun activities "Ollie" is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Although his body maybe sick, his spirit is still strong. It is apparent in the way he smiles in many of the family photos.{}

{}{}{}{}Ollie's cancer is growing. On June 25th, supporters posted to a blog that Ollie's cancer has grown extensively. Doctors say it is threatening his brain,{}heart and lungs.The tumor on his skull is pressing on his brain and optic nerve, which explains his loss of vision. Ollie's spine is riddled with disease, and tumors are growing inward, pressing on his spinal cord, causing {}leg pain and mobility limitations.

{}{}{}{}Just a few days after, another update was posted to the blog. This time it was about the family's "End of Life" plans. The doctors wanted to know whether or not to resuscitate Ollie if his body begins to fail. The family opted-out of resuscitation. The post reads:

"The conversation with hospice intake was friendly, spiked with pangs of excruciating pain. We had to decide what measures we want to be taken if Ollie's body begins to fail. We opted for do not resuscitate. We know his body is being ravaged by cancer, and it makes little sense to sustain him with machines, possibly prolonging his pain, with no chance of recovery. We did ask for transfusions, antibiotics to treat infections, and any other treatments that could maintain quality of life. We were also asked what funeral home we want to use. I was unable to answer this question..."

{}{}{}{}Tonight supporters will gather on Flowerhill to walk for Ollie. With glowing balloons in hand, the crowd plans to walk from Flower Hill to Ollie's home in an attempt to lift his spirits. The walks starts at 7:30 p.m.