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      Family friend denies social media reports of Larry Langford's death

      Former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford. (abc3340.com)

      {}A flurry of social media reports indicating that former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford had passed away caused concern Saturday.

      {} However, those reports are not true.{} The Federal Bureau of Investigation lists 67 year old Langford as being held in the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

      {} Langford was transferred to the medical center back in June of 2012.{} It is not known what condition he is suffering from.{} But friends of the family say that Langford is very sick.

      {} "He's alive, very much alive," says Frank Matthews. "I do have the permission to speak to this rumor, what it is that he has... He is gravely ill. I think that's the quote Mrs. Langford gave to one of the media outlets today and that's the quote I will quote her on. The mayor is gravely ill and we wish that he would be at home with his family.""

      {} Because of his illness, Matthews is requesting that people contact the Justice Department to see if Langford can finish his sentence at home with his family.

      {} Langford is serving a 15 year sentence for bribery and conspiracy stemming from his time as a Jefferson County Commissioner. He was convicted on charges of taking cash, and other crimes, from an investment banker who was handling county bond business.

      {} Langford began his 15-year sentence nearly three years ago. He is set to be released in 2023.