Family Gets New Home A Year After The Storm

"We walked out of there alive with a couple of scratches on us," says Kenyadia Marby.

Little did Kenyadia and{} Jaymel Marby know that their very first home in Pratt city would be destroyed because of the April 27th storms. Marby says, "Everything crushed down on my back because I was on top of my girls but thank God we walked out of there alive."

The family has been staying with relatives and different hotels ever since. Faced with not knowing what to do, the Marby's only wanted the best for their little girls and the one on the way, but that's hard to do without a home. But her prayers were answered when the church stepped in.

The Marby's have been members of "Worship and Deliverance Ministries" for the past three years. When the church pastor found out about their devastation, he and Tracey Hipps with Christian Service Mission and Mountain Brook Community Church got together and came up with a plan.

Pastor Jonathan Woods says, "The whole goal and objective in Pratt is to rebuild it but to get the right people in there."

Tracey Hipps says, "We called the pastor of the church and said we have one of you family that we want to work with can you come with us, and we help you, help them. We're not trying to help families, we trying to help the church."

Now, the Marby's destruction has turned into construction and recovery, as dozens of helping hands work together in building a new home for the family. Jaymel Marby says, "This is a move of God, it's nobody but God, to come in at this point of time in our lives, I never thought it would be a year, that somebody would take the time out and build us a home."

The house is expected to be finished by the middle of August.