Ethan Gilliam, boy held hostage in Midland City, talks to the media nearly one year after rescue (videos)

Ethan Gilliam, the boy who was held hostage in a bunker in Midland City for several days in 2013, talks at a news conference, Friday, January 24, 2014. (

DOTHAN, Ala. -- The family of Ethan Gilliam, the little boy who was held hostage in a bunker in Midland City for several days nearly one year ago, held a news conference Thursday.

With his brother, Camren Kirkland, by his side on a couch, little Ethan spoke to the media for the first time in months, sharing what it's been like since his rescue on Feb. 4, 2013.

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Gilliam, who is currently a 6-year-old kindergarten student, was enthusiastic when he describing his favorite toys -- Transformers, a dart gun and RC cars, specifically his blue one.

When asked about his trip to Disney World, Ethan's face lit up before talking about his favorite ride at the theme park -- a roller coaster that twisted and turned sideways.

"It scared me a little bit," Ethan said before going on to talk about his day at school, where he made a snowman.

His favorite part about school? The slide on the playground.

A little less than 15 minutes into the sit-down, Ethan removed the collection of mics from his shirt and got up from the couch, leaving the rest of the questions to his brother, who said the hostage crisis gave him a renewed sense of perspective on life in general.

"Life has changed a whole lot for me," Kirkland said. "Everything opened my eyes up to a whole new meaning of life itself. I felt very fortunate for the events that happened in the end."

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