Family of missing man in Greene Co. conduct own search

{}{}{}{} The search for a missing man in Greene County was scaled back Wednesday. There were not any divers in the Black Warrior River looking for 42-year old Kevin Gray. He's been missing since a car he and his brother were said to be in plunged into the water late Sunday afternoon.

{}{}{}{} Smith, who escaped has told authorities confusing, at times conflicting stories according to sources.{} However, he maintains they were testing the speed of the 2014 Dodge Challenger{}which their niece rented out of Birmingham.

{}{}{}{} According to officials, Smith says they hit the water - both got out after kicking out the back window and then the vehicle started sinking five minutes later.

{}{}{}{} It was recovered Monday night, but there are still no signs of Gray.

{}{}{}{}{}On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, divers combed the area and entire depth of the water where they believed Gray's deceased body would be if still in the water.{} But, the exhausting search has turned up nothing, including an aerial and foot search of the surrounding {}banks of Lock 7 boating ramp.

{}{}{}{} Wednesday, Gray's father, Lovell Finley from Louisiana arrived in town upset.{}{} He says he doesn't believe enough water and ground has been covered in the hunt for his son.{} "Look around, this place is deserted somewhat and we just want to make sure he didn't climb up and hurt lying out in the woods somewhere," explained Finley.

{}{}{}{} About five other relatives of Gray joined Finley in their own foot search which lasted less than an hour.

{}{}{}{} Meanwhile, one boat with Alabama Marine police canvassed the area using sonar underwater sensors.{} Greene County Sheriff investigators say they are still conducting a surface level water search in the area, outside the grid which divers covered earlier this week.