Family of Rashon Epps overwhelmed with emotion after arrest of Brian Epps

The search for a Hoover man wanted in the shooting death of his pregnant wife is over. {}

US Marshals and Hoover police captured 29 year old Brian Epps in Bessemer after nearly 3 days on the run Tuesday evening.{}

"God told us vengeance is his and we were allowing him to have his vengeance," said Benita Brown, the aunt of Rashon Epps.{}

"He didn't have the right to take her life," said Lillie Parnell, another aunt of Epps'. "Whatever martial problems they had, he should have been trying to consult somebody about some counseling. {}You can't make a person want you."{}

Early Saturday morning, investigators say Brian and Rashon Epps got into an altercation in front of their Hover home. {}A shot was fired. {}Brian Epps ran off. Rashon was later found in front of her house with a gunshot wound to the head.{}

Family members admit they didn't know Brian Epps well. {}They say the two had only been married for 10 months. {}

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"if I had any inclination, I know what I would have been doing...constant prayer," said Parnell.{}

The family of Rashon Epps is currently planning her funeral. Epps leaves behind two other children that are beginning to ask questions about their mother's whereabouts.{}

"Right now we are trying to do the best we can do. They are young. {}The girl had a relationship with her mother and the son too. And that child knows she don't see her mom. So, we are trying to raise her the best way we know how," said Brown.{}

The family is planning a vigil scheduled for Thursday night at 7pm. {}All are welcomed to attend.{}