Family of slain boy say Anne Campbell was great mother

Alvin Davis of Pell City was last able to see the 11-year-old Michael alive and well just two weeks ago.

"Every time I pick him up, he just say 'Paw paw, I love you, Nanny, I love you.'"

And, boy, did this family love him, his sister, and his half-brother, Bailey.

"I just want to hug both of them and tell them.. what do you tell them," a confused and hurt Tonia Davis says. She is the boy's aunt, and his father's sister.

Anne Marie Campbell, the children's mother, is accused of killing Michael and trying to kill 15 year old, Bailey, Friday morning. It happened in Clanton. Investigators say Anne shot Michael multiple times and Bailey just once.

"Your mother is something you to go to protect you, to take care of you. not to take your life. How could anybody do that? Anybody," grandmother Becky Campbell asks.

Little Michael's family says Anne was a great mother. Her children were her world, but they say something changed two years ago, and they don't know why.

"I don't know if it was financial problems or whatever or when her father passed away or what," the grandmother speculates.

None of them ever thought it would come to this.

I don't know if she just snapped or you know. This was just totally unexpected," Tonia tells us.

They hope to bring the older brother Bailey and their 13-year-old sister to Pell City to live with them permanently. Michael will be buried in his grandmother's burial plot. We're told he was an organ donor. They say his eyes were the only organs still usable after his death and will help someone else to see.