Family of victim urging Hoover man accused of murder to turn himself into police

Harry Parnell, the father of Rashon Epps, said he had no idea that 10 months after his daughter got married, she would be dead and her husband, Brian, labeled the killer by police.


"Your kids choose their partners and I didn't really care much for him. {}So, we didn't talk very much. So, I never got a chance to really know him. {}I didn't like him," said Parnell, when asked about his relationship with Brian Epps.{}

Parnell was joined by other family members, Frank Matthews, Hezekiah Jackson with the NAACP, and other leaders to make a plea to Brian Epps to turn himself into police.{}

"If he would shot his father, kill his wife, you better think what he might do to you," said Frank Matthews. {}

Hoover Police say Rashon and Brian Epps got into an altercation early Saturday morning which led to the shooting. {}Rashon Epps was found in front of her Hoover home with a gunshot to the head. {}Brian Epps was no where to be found. {}Police say he's facing a capital murder charge and should be considered dangerous.{}

Activist Frank Matthews, along with members of the family, plan to post thousands of flyers in both Hoover and the East Lake neighborhood of Birmingham should Epps not be caught by the weekend. {}

Matthews is also asking for Governor Robert Bentley and philanthropist to help formulate a reward fund to bring Brian Epps to justice.{}