Deadly Shooting Investigation: Now the family wants answers

Nabarro Radford was shot and killed early Saturday morning.

Nabarro Radford was shot and killed leaving his grandmother's house early{}Saturday morning near Gibson elementary school. His family can't believe this happened.

"I just broke down and started crying because he was lying out there in a puddle of rain. Like an animal, just lying out there," says the victim's aunt Tanya Radford. The victim's uncle James Woodson was at a loss for words, "I really can't say no more, I'm lost right now."

His body was found in the front yard near his aunt's house on the 800 block of 45th Street North. Radford's family says he was good person who didn't deserve to die. Now they want solutions to end violence in the community.

"We don't want a new baseball field; we want a way to stop the violence in our community. Turn yourself in, everybody knows who you are, turn yourself in," says Woodson.

The Birmingham police still have no suspects in custody, if you have any information, you're encouraged to call crime stoppers at 254-7777, and you can remain anonymous.