Family reunions

There was a time when family reunions and summertime went together like cupcakes and lemonade. Nowadays, it appears society has all but outgrown the tradition. People say they are either too busy or live to far apart from relatives to set time to get together. And that's only part of the problem.In fact, Reunion magazine finds that nearly 200,000 family reunions are held in the U.S. every year. But due to a weakened economy and fluctuating gas prices many people haven't been able to travel to reunite.However, Janice Cook returned recently from her family reunion in Dothan, AL. It was only the second one her family has hosted in 35 years. Cook says her dad used to organize the reunions, but when he passed away so did the tradition. But now her relatives are more committed than ever to keep the custom alive, she adds."You choose your job, you choose your husband, you choose your friends," Cook says. "But God chooses your family."