Family says teen and friend fought before shooting

Miss Josephine Travis is still shaken over the fatal shooting that ended in her yard in Tuscaloosa. (

{}{}{}{} Miss Josephine Travis is still quite shaken over a fatal shooting late Thursday afternoon that ended in her yard on 8th Street in Tuscaloosa.

{}{}{}{} She says 19 year old Laranden Perry chased 27-year old Rico Barnes to her yard shooting Barnes repeatedly until she asked Perry to stop. "He was running down the street. And after he fell -- he came on down and was standing over him. And I came to door and asked him why in the -blank- are you still shooting him. It looks like you've already killed him or he's dying one."

{}{}{}{} Perry lives in the home across the street from Ms. Travis.{} But, Police say he ran to his sisters house down the road.{} Perry's family, including his mother say they have no idea what triggered the shooting. "Rico wasn't a bad person but my son is not a bad person either. So, what they go into about, I really don't know," said Sheila Perry, mother of the young suspect.

{}{} Family members do say the two were friends until late last year when Perry accused Barnes of Robbing him.{} The two had split ways, but apparently saw and confronted each other in the neighborhood just prior to the shooting.

{}{} That's why it really shocked Ms. Travis. "I used to see them together all the time. They use to swap bikes, ride bikes...he had a bike, let the boy ride it...if other had a bike-- he'd let him ride it."

{}{}{} But, now one is deceased and the other charged with murder.{} Perry's mother says that is troubling for both families. "I just wished this had never happened...never come to this and I'm sorry...sorry for the family."