Family seeks witnesses in Talladega homicide

LaBrian Marizette (Photo: Marizette Family)

Talladega police are not the only ones questioning neighbors about the city's first homicide of the year.

LaBrian Deon Marizette's family is trying to find witnesses willing to talk about the deadly shooting.{} His mother, Brenda Portis, walked Thursday morning along Howard Street, where her son died Tuesday night.

"I want this pain to go away, and it's only going to go away and my child can rest in peace, when I know who did it and why," Portis said.

"That's all I ask for.{} I don't wish him dead or whatever.{} I just want him to pay for what he did to my child.{} That's all I ask for."

Marizette, 33, died Tuesday night from multiple gunshot wounds.{} He lived with his grandmother on Lincoln Avenue, a few blocks away from where the shooting took place.

Mary Williams said her nephew was walking to Benny's Mini-Mart when someone shot him.

"Who shoots somebody five times in the chest area?{} Who does that?," Williams said.

"What could he have done to anyone to cause this type anger?{} Now I want to know why."

Williams said Marizette sometimes got in arguments that became physical, but said he never carried a gun or a knife.{} If he fought, he did so with his hands.

She said Marizette was not alone at the time of the shooting.{} She believes someone else was the target, or set up her nephew to take the fall for something else.

Williams and her two daughters, April and Princess Marizette, came from the Tuscaloosa area to try to convince neighbors to help them find Marizette's killer.

"This is a close knit neighborhood, everybody knows everyone.{} There's no such thing as not knowing what happened," Williams said.

"I just can't get nobody to say who did it.{} They know who did it.{} There's witnesses who saw this and they're afraid of this young man.{} But I'm not afraid of him, he's a coward."

She and Marizette's mother are sisters.{} Portis agreed that the neighbors acted like they did not know anything.

"We really just want answers and we want justice to be served," April Marizette said.

"Unexpected death is hard, and we're just having a hard time letting him go."

LaBrian Marizette made it about one more block down Howard Street to call for help after he was shot.{} As his family walked along the same path Tuesday, they stopped and cried as they noticed drops of blood on the sidewalk.

"They killed my baby for nothing.{} That's my firstborn child and it's not right," Brenda Portis said.

"They hurt me so bad.{} They didn't have to kill Brian like that."

Marizette had two sons and two daughters.{} A fifth child is due in May.

Mary Williams said two of the children were at her home Wednesday, "walking through the house looking for their father, asking for their daddy.{} It's hard."

LaBrian Marizette's funeral will be at 3 p.m. Saturday at Terry's Metropolitan Chapel on West Battle Street in Talladega.

"He did not deserve to go that way.{} He will always be missed and loved, always," Princess Marizette said about her cousin.

If you have information in this case, contact the Talladega Police Department's anonymous tip line at (256) 299-0011.