Family speaks about man who lost his life helping a neighbor

A neighbor trying to help a neighbor lost his life in the process.{}53-year-old Arthur Lee Mills was shot and killed while attempting to stop a burglary. Birmingham police have one person of interest in custody. Two other suspects are still at large.{} Mills died trying to help his senior neighbor fight off burglars. He and the burglars exchanged gunfire. When it ended he was laying in the street. "We don't ever want our citizens to try to engage or stop a crime from taking place," said Birmingham Police Lieutenant Sean Edwards.{}Edwards says he never wants people to feel obligated to put themselves in the middle of a dangerous situation.{}Family members were too shaken up to go on camera. But they says it was Mills' nature to help people.{} Mills leaves behind two children, and six grand children, with another grandchild on the way. As for the suspects, Lt. Edwards described them as three young African American men, likely in their late teens{}or early twenties, with very little regard for life.{}{} "These suspects are very bold, very nonchalant, didn't have a care for people's property or a person's life, because keep in mind that this was in the mid part of the day. It was a beautiful day."{}Mills' mother and brothers say they have not had time to start thinking of funeral arrangements because they've been concerned about the criminal investigation. They just want mills remembered as someone who would go out of his way to lend a hand. As for woman the burglars targeted, she is in her late 70's.{}She says in spite of everything that happened, she is doing okay and does not have injuries. But for now she is staying with a relative. Police are also looking for her silver Cadillac that was stolen during the incident. There was talk among neighbors that someone living in a house nearby has a surveillance system and may have caught the crime on video.{} Lt. Edwards says{}police are not releasing information about that at this time.{}But he did say investigators are aware.