FAMU marching 100 to return to the field

Members of the Florida A & M University marching band lead a horse drawn carriage carrying casket of fellow band member Robert Champion following his funeral service

FloridaA&M University is going to announce the date of the return of the Marching100.

FAMUlifted the suspension of the famed band earlier this summer. But schoolofficials are waiting until Thursday to announce the date of the firstperformance of the reconstituted band.

There aresigns that the band may make its comeback at the opening football game of theseason being held in Orlando. There are already advertisements promising a"Battle of the Bands" during halftime of the game between FAMU andMississippi Valley State.

InterimPresident Larry Robinson lifted The Marching 100 suspension in June. The bandwas suspended in November 2011 following the hazing-related death of RobertChampion, who was from Decatur, GA.

Since Champion's death theschool has enacted anti-hazing policies and put in restrictions on bandmembership.