Fans celebrate the start of the football season

It was a{}big night for fans of the Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers as they rang -in the new football season. Fans who couldn't make it to Dallas or Atlanta for tonight's big season kickoff games gathered around big screens -- or visited local bars and restaurants.

Every pass, every interception, and every touchdown -- the Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers didn't disappoint.

"It's just like you're at the game," John Kearley, an Auburn fan said. "You've got tons of Alabama people, tons of Auburn people, it's always fun - like you're at the game!"

"This is a practice for Alabama!" AJ Hicks, an Alabama fan said. "This is a practice."

The manager at Buffalo Wild Wings in Hoover tells us, they've been preparing for this night for weeks.

"We've been building up, getting new employees in here, staffing up so we will be ready for football season and be prepared," Steve Snyder, Manager, Buffalo Wild Wings Hoover said.

Over in McCalla, one watch party is taking over the block - with an indoor and outdoor party cheering on the Crimson Tide.

"We're here getting ready for the big game," Mike Allison, the party's host said. "We're big Alabama fans and we have college kids who go to school there and we support the University big time and this is our tailgate and what we do when we're not at the games!"

"I'm looking forward to Alabama having a perfect record and winning the BCS championship!" Sam Ledbetter, An Alabama fan said.