Fans get ready for Saturday's Iron Bowl


Tailgate tents are up, the stadium is prepped, and fans are getting their gear together for the big day. Saturday's Iron Bowl is bringing excitement to Tuscaloosa.We're less than 24 hours away from what many in this{}state would call the biggest game of the year."We're going to dominate," Grace Curry, an Alabama student told us.Orange and blue is certainly overpowered by the red and white on the Strip..."I've got to represent my school!" Clayton Ezell, an Auburn fan said.It hasn't been an easy season for Tiger fans - and with a coach in{}jeopardy and the Toomer's Trees fire, optimism is the name of the game{}for Auburn fans."There's not much hype," Ezell said. "Everyone knows what is going to happen.""I think they'll score a couple of touchdowns," Hannah Curry, an Auburn student said."War Eagle anyway!" Cathy Nguyen, an Auburn student said.Bama fans have traveled from across the U.S..."It took about ten hours," Joe Witcraft, an Alabama fan said. "We came from{}Houston, TX to see our daughter who is here attending school. We're{}looking forward to the Iron Bowl rivalry."They've returned to their alma mater..."I'm alumni here," Stuart McNair, an Alabama alumnus said. "I marched in the{}Million Dollar Band and now I'm here with the family, celebrating{}Thanksgiving weekend, and walking around campus reminiscing a little{}bit."{}...and are sharing memories of that first "Roll Tide.""Someone said Roll Tide to me and I said Roll{}Tide back!" Jaimie Witcraft, an Alabama Sophomore said. "It was cool. It's like you're a part of a family when{}you're far away."Whatever the outcome, fans can agree - all bets are off when it{}comes to the Iron Bowl."Anything can happen," a fan told us. "We should take them, but we've got to{}wait and see. That's why we play the game."