Fans get travel arrangements ready to Miami for BCS Championship game

Alabama fan, Owen Barnes says, "It's very important because I already booked my trip there." But some fans say they'll pass, because the trip comes with a hefty price.

Travel agencies have already begun selling special packages.

Roger Hale with Adventure Travel says, "It's not cheap, because this is for a national championship, we've got packages that start as low as $1,800." And that seems to be roughly the average price for most travel agencies. The range can go anywhere between $800 to $5,000 depending on the package you want.

Hale says, "That does guarantee your room, your airline ticket if you buy the package that includes the airline ticket. And you'll get your seating in advance and it includes your game ticket as well."

And other agencies seem to be busy promoting their deals. Gina Martin with "Eventure"says they have what's called run of the stadium tickets; those are tickets that ticket brokers don't sell online. "The run of the stadium tickets, can range anywhere from 50 yard line seats, to nose bleed seats to in zone seats," says Martin.

Meantime, fans who decide to stay in town for the BCS championship game might be missing out, but others are getting their tickets now.