Fans pre-register for BCS travel packages

It has been a busy start to the work week for Hope Sasser with All Seasons Travel.

"I got into the office today and had over 100 emails asking 'what do we do know', 'where do we go' so it's definitely been crazy," says Sasser.Sasser and other agents are answering fans questions about travel packages that will be available, as soon as the bowl games are announced."We have everything from three night land packages, three night air packages, also, same day air-charter packages, just depending on what you're wanting to pay and what you're want to do," Sasser explains.Also, if you're a planning on making a trip, expect to pay a pretty penny. "In Miami, around $2,000 to $3,000 (for certain travel packages) depending on tickets, at this point with prices, it's all across the board," Sasser says.Mark Roberts with the University of Alabama Alumni Association says the travel agency offers plenty of options for fans, wherever the Tide travels. Roberts says, "They're going to cover the needs of anybody going, whether it be travel, hotels, transportation, pep rally, with the option of game tickets."

Alabama fan, Alan Siegal, couldn't wait to get on the pre registration list. He applied for tickets more than a month ago.

Siegal, went to Alabama's last two national championship games.. Now, he's hoping for a third.

"I had already applied to go to the BCS Championship game if we'd went, but I had given up hope," Siegal recalls, thinking about Alabama's only loss to Texas A&M. "(I wanted to) make sure I had a place. They sell out."

The SEC championship game is December 1. The BCS championship game in Miami will be Monday, January 7, 2013.

For more information on how to pre-register, click here.{} Or you can contact the University of Alabama's Alumni office at (205)-348-5963.