Fans ready for start of football season

For some people, tonight is just as exciting as Christmas Eve! Thursday kicks off the college football season. Many fans have been counting down the days. "We're excited to get going." Samford Football players doing their drills. UAB also practicing for a new season. And football fans, well they're warming up too. "War Eagle." "Say roll tide, roll tide, roll tide." Alabama and Auburn both play their first game Saturday. Some say, the start of football season is even more exciting than Christmas. Matt Lowery says, "That's the epitome of the season. Just the start of college football season. Everybody is excited. We're excited." "It goes on a lot longer than Christmas." Karen Lee is buying goodies for her company's football kick-off party. "We play games and the winners win prizes." Bama Fever Tiger Pride seeing a steady stream of fans in its house divided.{}Liliana Miranda says, "My mom goes for Auburn and I like the colors of Auburn." No matter who you're cheering on everyone shares that same hope! Lowery says "We definitely want championships, but will settle for a good season." The first SEC game is Thursday when South Carolina host Texas A & M.