Football fans spend Thanksgiving tailgating outside of the Bryant-Denny stadium

Alabama fan, Kim McDaniel says, "We can't wait until Saturday so we can whoop Auburn's butt, we're having a phenomenal meal with great friends and family and we been doing this for a lot of seasons and we couldn't be happier."

Auburn fan, Mike Huddleston says, "If Auburn wins, we'll be happy, if Auburn loses we'll be okay."

But one thing the two rival teams have in common is the Thanksgiving food. "They got three turkey's going, they got two standing rib roasts, and they got a brisket going. There are people bringing 20 to 30 different side items. We will eat for days off this meal," says McDaniel.

Huddleston says, "We're doing Thanksgiving here today, got a lot of the immediate family here today. A lot of people will come in tomorrow we got a big BBQ on Saturday.

But with or without the food, many people waiting for the game say they're thankful for their families and friends. Meantime, fans still anticipate the big game this Saturday.

Alabama fan, Amy Bates says, "You never know when the two go head to head what's going to happen, so you can't mark it up until the 4th quarter and it's over.

The game is set for Saturday, November 24th at 2:30.