Fat-blocking Pepsi launches Tuesday


Fruits, vegetables and wheat bread are all sources of fiber. Now, so is Pepsi-Cola in Japan. {}Tuesday, PepsiCo Inc. plans to launch a version of its namesake soda with a fat-blocking fiber called dextrin in Japan. In an announcement on the company's Japanese website, PepsiCo explains how dextrin helps reduce fat levels in blood.It's a water-soluble fiber supplement that can make you feel more full and have some reduction of fat absorption effects. Basically, it's the same thing as Benefiber. {}However, there is no word yet on how much sugar or corn syrup will be in the new soda, called "Pepsi Special."With the aim of appealing to young, health-conscious men, Pepsi put an ad on its website showing a businessman trying to chose between a woman dressed in a pizza costume and another in a burger outfit. The message: you don't have to give up either, if you drink Pepsi Special.Pepsi Special, isn't the first cola with fiber in Japan. The Japanese company Kirin, also known for its beer, also offers a sugar-free cola with dextrin.