Deadly mine accident at Shoal Creek Mine

An investigation is underway after a deadly mining accident. It's the second deadly accident in six months at Drummond Coal's 'Shoal Creek mine in Adger.

According to the Department of Labor, the miner was killed around 10:30{}Tuesday morning after being caught between a power center and the mine rib or wall. The accident happened during the move of some equipment.

The miner was given CPR{}during transport from underground, but was pronounced dead after being brought to the surface. Drummond Company Incorporated operates the mine. All the company would say is the case is{}under review.{}ABC 33/40 was also turned away from the main gate after asking to talk to a supervisor.

This is the second death at the mine in six months. 37-year-old Harold Ennis died in March when he was shocked by a 950-volt cable to a shuttle car. Ennis was replacing old cable, but the power had not been shut off. The Mine Safety and Health Administration determined that proper power shut-down procedure had not been followed. Additional training was ordered for electricians, to be sure they know the procedures. So far this year, there have been 14 mine deaths nationwide.