Father, son knock down and tie up car burglar

Sylvan Springs is a quiet community.

The neighborhood at the intersection of Hoagtown Loop and Grove Circle is remote and peaceful. Some thieves might think it's perfect for burglarizing a neighborhood in the dead of night.

But bandits beware.

Neighborhood watch is out there, just ask Wade Rogers. Wednesday morning around 5:00 he got{} call from his neighbor.

"I called my son and told him he had a visitor," Tom Rogers said.

Tom is Wade's father. He was telling him someone was on his property. The burglar, Kristopher Charles Robey, was going through his vehicle looking for loose change. Wade told his father to call 911 and then went after him.

"He kind of took off running and made it to the middle of the road," Wade said. "I'm coming across the grass...he was going to try to cut back to his truck, but I'm cutting him off."

They scuffled. First, in the neighbor's yard then, eventually, back in his own.

With nothing but his boxers and adrenaline, Rogers wrestled Robey to the ground.

Father and son...the Dynamic Duo...who, single-handedly brought down and tied up a change thief.

"He was just saying he was just trying to get some gas," Tom Rogers said.

Loose change now looking at hard time. Father, Tom...very proud of his son.

"I think he did good," Rogers said. "He caught a criminal and got him off the street."

The Rogers' held Robey down until law enforcement showed up minutes later.

Robey is charged with unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, theft of property and criminal trespassing.