Faulty compressor knocks out air conditioning in two rooms at Rudd Middle School

High temperatures, big windows and several people gathered inside a room creates a combination sure to make anyone uncomfortable. Parents say that is what's happening at Rudd Middle School in Pinson. ABC 33/40 went to the schools to ask the principal why.

Rudd's principal told ABC 33/40 the answer is simple. An air conditioner is broken. Crews are working to fix it, but are waiting on a part. A parent told ABC 33/40 half the school is without air. The principal makes it clear that is not the case.

The school has about 40 classrooms. One of them along with a staff member's office are without A/C.

"We notified maintenance. They came out, started working and getting it repaired as quickly as possible," said Principal Susan Whitehurst.

Twelve maintenance workers fix things at Jefferson County's 56 schools.

"We send in a maintenance request, they assign it to a crew and the crew comes out. When the crew comes out to fix one issue, something else happens, they are going to come back the next day," added Whitehurst.

Whitehurst thinks the crews are doing a good job considering they've had to fix bigger problems at other schools. The school year started at Rudd Middle with 5-6 classrooms without air.

"The teachers are doing a good job. If they need to bring in a fan, they bring in a fan and give the kids an opportunity to move around to cool off a little bit," added Whitehurst.

Whitehurst offered teachers an opportunity to move classrooms. Teachers stayed in place.

"They said it was little uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Remember, kids are only in our classes for 50 minutes at a time," added Whitehurst.

Hallways in the school along with public areas and most classrooms have A/C.

A faulty compressor is the reason all air conditioners in the school are not working. A new one is expected to arrive this week. The principal expects everyone at Rudd Middle to be in the cool air next week.