Fayette County sheriff pulls off historic write-in victory

Fayette County Sheriff Rodney Ingle. (

It's a celebration in Fayette County, Alabama Wednesday for 2,556 voters who re-elected Sheriff Rodney Ingle via write-in."The good people of this county knew what they wanted," Ingle said.He credited his family and supporters for launching an aggressive door-to-door, social media and billboard campaigh. Ingle's name was not on Tuesday's ballot because he did not make the cut as a Democrat in the primaries.{}"In a primary, you have to vote for the party and that's what happened there. A lot of my votes crossed over to the Republican side," Ingle adds.But last night, he beat out two Republican candidates and another write-in candidate.Ingle's win was not without controversy, however. Some people claim deputies and his supporters violated the state's 30-foot buffer zone electioneering rule at the polls. Fayette County Probate Judge William Oswalt told ABC 33/40 his office found no violations.An official with the {}Alabama Secretary of State tells reported only been three times in the last 30 years that someone has won an election via write-in in the state. It happened in the 1980's with Lowell Barron's election to the State Senate as well as, in 2012, when Arthur Crawford won the Hale County Probate Judge race.On the News at 5, hear more from Ingle, Oswalt and voters on the historic win.