Fayette remembers two slain officers and a dispatcher

{}{} Friday morning really showed how much Officers Arnold Strickland, James Crump and Dispatcher Leslie 'Ace' Mealer meant to the Fayette community.{} A crowd bore the rainfall as fellow officers laid wreaths at the fallen heroes memorial in the honor of the slain men.{}

{}{}{}Mealers mother shed tears during the ceremony. "They [other officers]{}care about the one I've lost because it's hard to deal with it{}after 10 years," said June Mealer.{} She says the gathering shows a lot of support.

{}{} The three men were working second shift on June 7th when Devin Moore (Thompson), a young man they had arrested took one of their pistols and shot all three.{} He blamed the cop killing video game, Grand Theft Auto.

{}{} "I went about two years with just numbness where I just didn't talk about it," says Fayette Officer Charles Walker.{} He spoke publicly about the killing for the first time at the memorial.{} Walker was on-leave serving in Iraq when it the shootings happened. "I thought there was a closeness that I didn't get because I knew those guys well. I worked with them well. I was Crump's supervisor on second shift."

{}{}{}James Crump's son was also at{}the ceremony.{} He was only seven years old when Moore gunned down his father. "It shows a lot of love and support and a really good feeling," says Julian Crump.

{}{} "It brings back the love that we all have when that day happened. We were all together. To see them again - that everybody's doing ok and that we can make it through tomorrow," added Tony Crump, James Crump's brother.