FBI reports record background checks for gun purchases in December

The number of FBI background checks required for Americans to purchase a gun set a record at the end of 2012.

It follows the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre and renewed talks on possible gun control.{}

The FBI conducted more than 2.7 million{}background checks for gun purchases in December alone.{}{} For all of 2012, the FBI conducted more than 19 million checks, which also appears to be a record high.

December is typically the busiest month for checks because of Christmas gifts.{} Someone who passes one check is able to buy multiple firearms.

President Barack Obama has said{}he will push for new gun control legislation,{}including a possible proposed ban on semiautomatic weapons.{} A task force, created by the president, must{}come up with "concrete" solutions to curb gun violence and have them to Obama before the end of January.