FDA: some muscle and joint pain creams can cause burns

There's a new warning from the government about some over the counter pain relief creams.

Those creams and gels we rub on sore joints and muscles, can cause pain of their own.{}Ben-Gay, Icy Hot, Capzasin, and Flexall are mentioned, and{}can cause serious chemical burns, according to the Food and Drug Administration.{}

The FDA says{}there have been 43 reported cases of burning and blistering.{}{}Some required hospital care.

These products contain menthol and methyl salicylaten, which warm the skin.{}{}Most problems were with products that contained more than 3% menthol or 10%{}methyl salicylate.

The FDA offers these tips:

-don't apply these products to damaged or irritated skin

- don't bandage the area after application

- don't use heating pads, hot water bottles, or heat lamps with these products

- don't use them on your eyes, nose, mouth or other sensitive areas

- seek medical attention if you feel actual pain after applying them