Federal Cuts Hitting Close to Home


Just days into a new month, most national guard military technicians and civilian employees are facing some new problems.{}Sequestration is forcing the federal government to take a sizeable chunk out of the paychecks of thousands of military personnel and civilian employees. More than one thousand national guard soldiers or airmen will be affected.{}" Why should they give up their money? {}I don't see politicians giving any of their money back," said Harold Cinancio, a member of American Legion. "The way they are making the cuts I don't agree with. People shouldn't be bringing home less money. There are other ways of cutting money."The military is looking at other ways to save money. {}Just a few weeks ago, we reported on growing support to limit the number of combat uniforms in the military. {}Concern, however, continues to mount as servicemen and women fight overseas and budget cuts loom over their heads.{}{} " We are here for the veterans, the solders, the airmen, and the sailors, the marines, and merchant marines that are sill serving," said Cinancio, a former marine himself.{}Members of American Legion in Leeds said the federal cuts will create a greater need for veterans organizations that help active duty personnel and veterans. {}Officials with such organizations said these groups will be ready. {}