Feed the Children

It's impossibly to mention everyone helping the tornado victims. But I am so proud of all the stories I am hearing.

{}Today I got a chance to deliver a hundred flowers from Norton's Florist to Pleasant Grove. The woman taking the flowers started to cry. She said people have given so much... Now even flowers for Mother's Day!

"That is so sweet!." She said.

Thousands of meals from Full Moon, Chick fil a, Caf Luigi, Fire House Subs..... And the list goes on and on and on.

{}Now, it's impossible to mention everyone helping victims of the storm.... But it is touching to know people really care about each other.

It's just like in your own body, when something hurts your whole body is affected. That's how it is with this tragedy. When one hurts, we all hurt. Responding to the call to help is important to show people they are not alone in this ordeal of cleaning up and rebuilding.

This morning, Feed the Children responded to the recent southern tornadoes by sending ten truckloads of relief supplies.

The semi tractor-trailers will be unloaded on Friday in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.