Fewer WWII veterans alive to celebrate Veterans Day

Those who fought in the Second World War continue to leave us.

The "Greatest Generation" loses nearly 600 veterans each day. Fewer than 1.7 million are alive.

For 90-year-old Jack Jones, each veterans day is special. He knows that fewer of his comrades are able to celebrate with each passing year. "I've been lucky to live this long," says Jones. "I've been thinking about it everyday for all those years."Jones was stationed at Pearl Harbor in 1941 when the Japanese bombed the island. He's one of the few surviving Pearl Harbor veterans. "Time goes by, you know? Most of the Pearl Harbor survivors are... I don't know how many there is left," says Jones. "There's not any around here left that I know of." Jones has his memories."I kept in touch with a lot of them all over the United States. Most of them are all dead now."{}To this day, Jones remains humble. When asked if everyday should be considered 'Veterans Day' his response was "Once a year is enough, just that people think about it."