Fight to save Cooper Green inpatient care continues

Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham) held a press conference outside Cooper Green Mercy Hospital Thursday in an effort to save the facility's inpatient care.

He alleges Jefferson County Commissioners misappropriated the indigent care fund, as well as made an attempt to sell the hospital for more than $22 million. He showed the media what he called an "intent to sell" letter. The letter was undated and had no signatures. Still, Rogers contends he received the note from attorneys, who he wouldn't name.

"They gave it to me because they want my help to sell it. But I can not in good faith help this hospital go down. I don't care. It's blood money that's what it is," Rogers said.

ABC 33/40 spoke with Commission President David Carrington about the alleged letter.

"The letter is undated. It's unknown as to who the letter was sent from. So, for all I know, John and some of his handlers wrote the letter," Carrington said.

Carrington also denies any misappropriation of the indigent care fund.

Rogers was joined by more than a dozen supporters, including Rep. Mary Moore (D-Birmingham), the hospital's advisory board member Marilyn Mosely, community activist Sheila Tyson and others.