Filmmakers shoot new movie in Birmingham

Tinseltown is in our own backyard this weekend. A Los Angeles based film company picked Alabama as it's prime location and it's creating a major buzz within the film industry. These movie producers say they're relying on the people who live here to make it all happen.

"It's called 'Grace Unplugged' and the message is just tremendous because it's about an 18 year old girl who runs away from home, she shatters the relationship with her parents and it's about a reconciliation story, but she runs off to Hollywood to become a pop star," Russ Rice, the film's producer said.

And the scene being shot{}Friday night{}inside this highway 280 office building picks up right there...

'The scene behind me, what we're shooting here is Frank Mostin's office -he's the manager who manages Grace. Frank{} is played by Kevin Pollak," Rice said.

"Everyone has been great!" Kevin Pollak, one of the film's stars said.{}"It's been a lot of fun working here in the Greater Birmingham area."

They chose Alabama, not just for the new state filmmaking incentives, but for the people.

"They make it difficult in Los Angeles to film with permits and fees and regulations, so when we came here to Alabama with our friends who have shot here before, we were welcomed at every level so it made perfect sense for us to be here," Brad Silverman, Writer/Director said. "What's been so great about Birmingham is everyone is still excited about the idea of making movies! So we have gone into homes and businesses and they were like, oh pick me! Pick me!"

And these filmmakers are asking people here in Birmingham to be the stars of the big scene - a concert featuring Christian artist, Chris Tomlin.

"We need about 2,000 extras so if you want to be in the motion picture business, this would be your opportunity," Pollak said.

The film's director and producer are looking for a couple thousand extras for the movie. It will be shot this coming Tuesday{}September 4th at 5pm at the Alabama Theater and they say it will take only a couple of hours to shoot the big concert scene.{} They'll also be giving away one free trip to LA to attend the movie's premier.