Final interview complete for Jeffco Superintendent


The interviews are finished and now it is time to choose the new leader of the Jefferson County Schools. {}All week, the Board of Education has been interviewing candidates for the superintendent position. {}Four candidates came and went, but Friday was Dr. Karyle Green's turn. {}Dr. Green is the Superintendent for East Allen County in New Haven, Indiana. {}She is the only candidate from outside of the south.The other four candidates for either from Alabama or Georgia. {}However, Dr. Green does have connections to the area. {}During her tours of the different campus sites, Dr. Green said she met a principal who graduated from the same high school her uncle did. {}That gives her yet another reason to believe she and her family would fit right in this area. {}Green touted her record as a reason for being a viable candidate."The changes happening in Indiana are headed all across the nation and I know that there's been discussions in the Alabama legislature of things that we've just encountered," Dr. Green said when asked about the collective bargaining happening in Indiana. {}"I think the history and experience we've been through, some of the pitfalls we've seen as we've gone through the process and ways to make sure teachers are engaged because things are happening to teachers. {}We don't want that to happen. {}We want to make sure our employees are knowledgeable about what's happening and that they do have a voice."Dr. Green says the collective bargaining is all about the voice trying to be taken away from the teachers. {}{}Dr. Stephen Nowlin, Supt. of Lee County Schools in Opelika, Alan Dale Robbins, retired Associate Superintendent in Gwinnett County, Georgia and Brett Stanton, Supt. of Harlason County Schools in Tallapoosa, GA have already been interviewed. {}The board hopes to make a decision by the first week in October. Current Superintendent, Dr. Phil Hammonds, is retiring in February