Final Verdict: Foxx Trap to remain closed

The Foxx Trap will remain closed, according to a final judgement issued by Judge Tom King early Friday afternoon.{}In his ruling, Judge King referred to the strip club as a 'nuisance' and 'detrimental' to public health and welfare.{}Last week, a bouncer at the nightclub was killed after he shot at another bouncer. {}An off-duty Birmingham police officer, working at the club, fired the fatal shot. On Tuesday, Birmingham police testified that an undercover operation showed underage patrons being served alcohol at the strip club. {}The bartender was also cited for being underage. {}"...there have been seven arrests. One attempted murder. One murder. Underage drinking. That's enough in and of itself," said Steven Hoyt, Birmingham City Councilman.{}No word yet on what will happen to the facility. {}Calls to the attorney for the Foxx Trap were not immediately returned.{}